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the best gesture of my brain

is less than your eyelids' flutter

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nobody,not even the rain,has such small hands


emily, 20, currently blonde, always crazy.

i live in the most beautiful city (chicago) with the most beautiful roommates (lunamorgan & astaria51), with two adorable kittens. i like to have adventures. i like to leave lines of poetry as graffiti. i like colors.

i am a french pastry school graduate and a college dropout. i work full-time & love my job to pieces. i have five tattoos. i cry every time i read 'house of leaves'. i am an advocate for free love, polyamory, rampant (and careful) drug use, public transit. i have a lot of disorders and too many books for my bookshelves. i am a kinsey 5, homoromantic, barely-gendered leaning towards female. i have been told that i give excellent hugs.

i write lots of poetry about my life and you can read it all at rustedveins.